Today Show joins National Geographic and History Channel in pushing imaginary alien threat

Posted on April 9th, 2012 Admin

As usual, alien threat programming is too well coordinated in the mainstream propaganda outlets to be a coincidence.  Whether this psyop goes by the name BlueBeam is debateable, but the idea of scaring people with fake alien reports is not new.  The 1930s saw War of the Worlds and Disney hoaxes. In the 80’s, actor-in-chief Ronald Reagan got in on it.  Now they practically devote entire TV channels to it (History Channel).

If the corporate media controllers think something will unite people behind their New World Order slave state, you’ll find it on TV.

The obvious response to this is that any alien civilization that can travel between star systems will be so advanced technologically, that they will A) not have any need for our resources because they could easily whip up something better, or B) simply obliterate us with no struggle, due to their vastly superior weapons.  I’m going with A, although maybe they’ll do us a favor and wipe out the manipulators who try to scare people into obedience with their computer generated fear mongering, or at least perform painful experiments on them.

Does this look familiar to anyone?

Invoke 9/11 … Call for New World Order … Repeat

It’s an Easter special edition military psywar brainwashing, with aliens blowing up the pentagon a la 9/11, and the government has a spokesman using our tax dollars to promote the whole thing. Do you know how much of my friggin income goes to taxes?  I’m taking 2 days off work this year just to do taxes, and will probably end up owing a bunch of money, so this shmuck can use our government-controlled radio frequencies to propagandize me.


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  1. Good question… Why ARE you still paying unlawful taxes to a corporation registered in Peurto Rico that isn’t even a federal Agency?

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