Top 12 ‘weird tricks’ for people to stop being brainwashed idiots

Posted on December 30th, 2015 Admin

1. Recognize that there is no Democrat/Republican. They’re 98% corporate whores who are for sale to the highest bidder. Bushes and Clintons are golfing buddies. Dem/Rep are Communism and Fascism under different names, not liberal or conservative.  A third party vote is not just a protest vote. Choosing the lesser of two evils makes you complicit in evil. Electronic voting machines are frequently rigged, changing the outcome of elections.

2. Shut up about race. There is no human with black or white skin on this planet. We’re all from Africa originally. I’m not apologizing for being a white male. I love all people regardless of color, until they start whining about my privilege. All power to the people. Stop thinking like victims and know who your enemy really is.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s not middle-class America, and it’s not the shop owner on the next block.  Let’s talk about real issues that target blacks and hispanics, muslims or whoever- like the phony Wars on Drugs and Terror.  These wars on inanimate objects and emotion are thinly-veiled genocide. Anyone who supports either of them is a genocidal racist.

3. Shut up about gender. Women and men are not identical and attempting to impose non-traditional gender roles is not going to fix any gender inequality that may exist. This contrived gender war is a sophisticated mind control operation, designed to split up families, so the Nanny State can move in and carry out its agenda on the children.  I don’t see any politically correct establishment liberals complaining about our ally Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women, where there actually is a serious problem.  Instead, we empower them by buying their oil and selling them weapons.  And please, I don’t care if a man wants to chop his junk off and dress like a woman. Just don’t expect me to pay for the surgery.

4. Recognize that the state is perpetually at war with the family. Whether it’s “your kids belong to the state” propaganda on MSNBC from whats her name, that witch; forced vaccinations in California, untold thousands of children being snatched from perfectly good homes and put on drugs, we are on a march toward a Brave New World that removes the parents completely from the equation and uses people as human cattle. The state needs cannon fodder for its endless wars, not free thinking individuals with the fire of liberty burning inside them.

5. Recognize that imperial wars of aggression will not keep us safe from the threat of manufactured terror.  In fact, they make us less safe, and cause more real attacks, which is exactly what the shadow government wants-  to destroy the United States and create a world government on its ashes to enslave us all. We should realize this by now. All we, as a nation, have to do is stop creating enemies, and there won’t be as many. This would mean not air-dropping weapons and funding ISIS, not creating and funding Al Qaeda etc, and most especially, not blowing up over a million innocent people over the past decade or so. Their blood is on the hands of those who pointed the finger and said conspiracy theorist; those who knowingly went along with the lies or justified it out of a sense of superiority over those people. Repent now.

6. Recognize the danger of centralization of power. Does global government sound like a good idea? United nations taxing everyone for using carbon? Satanic “New World Order” sound sexy and cool? The people pushing this stuff, and who would presumably be in charge of it are the same ones who like to put people in forced labor camps and gas chambers, and jet-set around saying how the earth is overpopulated and we need to reduce population by 90%, shut off the carbon, have forced abortions in China, and so on.  Do we really want these people policing us? If so, prepare to bow down to authority and lick boots and end up in a pit, because there will be nobody to oppose them.

7. Whenever a politician tries to scare you into paying a tax, run away. The earth is currently in a cooling cycle. In the 1970s, Newsweek predicted a new ice age. Whether anthropogenic global warming is real or not, I’m sure we can all agree that CO2 (and Methane) is an integral part of the life cycle on this planet. I’m sure we can also all agree that the #1 greenhouse gas on the planet is water vapor, not CO2 or methane. We can also agree that taxing developed countries for emitting CO2 will just send all our industry to China and India- where there are virtually no pollution controls, thus making any problem worse. We can also most certainly agree that I do not like pollution or fossil fuels. There are a lot of toxic petroleum byproducts to be concerned about. CO2 is not on the top of that list however. In fact, it’s second from the bottom, after water vapor. AGW is a red herring. It’s a scam. Pseudo-science. There’s only a “consensus” cause there are a bunch of unethical scientists lined up to suckle at the teat of the federal hog that has a hidden agenda. They get paid to push global warming. So does Al Gore, while flying around on a private jet.

8. Stop drinking and brushing your teeth with rat and roach poison. That’s right, sodium fluoride and fluorosilicates (same exact stuff that is in most toothpaste and US tap water) have been used as pesticide for over 100 years.  I’ve written about it extensively.  It’s not like table salt, sodium chloride. It’s over 3000x more toxic than table salt, so a tube of Colgate toothpaste contains a lethal dose of NaF for an infant.  I haven’t used fluoride in 10+ years and my teeth don’t have any cavities, but they do have fluorosis due to childhood exposure. The enamel is brittle, stained, and flaking off in places.  Guess I should be thankful for such great dental care, but I wonder how my pineal gland looks?  Probably best that I don’t know.  As it turns out, WHO data shows that drinking F doesn’t even prevent cavities. Kinda like how drinking diet soda makes you fatter.  Fluoride does however affect brain function, but that’s another story for another post. You want to drink rat poison cause a dentist said it’s good for your teeth? Do you like being lied to?  Guess what else is a form of fluoride- Prozac (Fluoxitane), a common anti-depressant drug.

Incidentally, the psychiatric industry didn’t make this list but it really should be here.   It deserves volumes all to itself, and it has already received a lot of attention here.

9. Understand the nuances of the GMO issue.  GMOs are not safe. And they’re not dangerous either… inherently. It’s the reckless way in which GMOs are used by Big Ag that is the problem. We don’t need to eat foods that are saturated with bacteria toxin pesticide. We don’t need to eat foods that resist decay. You should never eat anything that won’t rot. WTF planet am I living on?  Responsible use of biotechnology and genetics has the potential to unlock the secrets of life. Irresponsible use could pollute the genetics of life on this planet in ways that are not possible to predict with current limited understanding of biology.  Many scientists merely hear the term GMO and automatically go into knee-jerk conspiracy theorist defense mode, thus silencing all rational thought because they have a PhD and you don’t.  Or if you do, you are one of the rare few who escaped such a brainwashing with an independent thought left in your head. Congratulations.

10. Understand that vaccines are full of poison (read the package insert) and flu shots are mostly ineffective (<40%, if you believe their own cooked numbers). Choose your vaccines wisely because there is risk associated, and that risk is misrepresented by the medical establishment, thus tossing informed consent out the window.  I never get flu shots and I never get the flu. Try washing your hands before you eat. and taking a natural vitamin d supplement. Also, why are there salad bars in schools and hospital cafeterias? If we want to stop the spread of infectious disease, lets wash our hands like Grandma said, and avoid eating shared food in these concentration camps we call schools. The “herd immunity” argument is another way of saying vaccines are only marginally effective.  Flu vaccines actually give you the flu, proven by the Canadian government in triplicate. And, if you happen to be an African woman receiving a free tetanus vax laced with HCG hormone, they sterilize you.  But as Bill Gates once said, “If we do a really good job with vaccines, we can reduce the population.”  This is just the tip of the iceberg. (Factor 8, Tuskege, Project SHAD, etc). Did you know HMOs are paying kickbacks to doctors to push vaccines now?  If you’re wondering why your doctor is trying so hard to scare you into taking a vaccine, that may have something to do with it.

11. Stop watching corporate movies and TV. Modern day hollywood movies have devolved to the point where they are un-watchable. That new Star Wars movie was a disaster, and not beacuse of female/black actors in lead roles (please move past that. See above). It’s propaganda and the acting was not believable, probably because they were more concerned with pushing an agenda than making a good movie. It was like three-stooges slap stick comedy created by ABCDisney’s Board of Directors, but with a war propaganada overtone.  I stopped watching it half way thru.  They’re trying to get women interested in joining the military, is what it looks like.  Maybe some people liked this movie.  Whatever.  It reminded me more of Spaceballs than the original Star Wars. Everything in Hollywood these days is comic book action stuff, war mockumentaries glorifying the troops; recycled themes over and over.  I mean, when was the last time you saw a really deep sci-fi movie? There is free reign for film producers to use US taxpayer funded military gear as long as the DoD approves your script ;) Modern faux local news is all agenda driven scientific brainwashing, advertising and state propaganda.  Nothing innovative or creative comes out of the dying corporate media these days, other than when they try to frame up patsies, engage in cover-ups, try generate fear of terrorism, or bloopers like BBC News reporting WTC7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually collapsed on 9/11/01 … When stuff like that happens, wow!  Mind=blown. Those are the glitches in the matrix that get people thinking.

12. See our financial system for what it is: Institutionalized fraud. A ponzi scheme. Double-book accounting. Fractional reserve money means “we don’t have your money.” A piece of paper is just a receipt for something else. It can’t be relied on as a stable representation of value when the bankers themselves control the issuance of it! How can people not see this for what it is? This has been going on for thousands of years, off and on. It’s called Usury. Sooner or later people wise up to it, when the bankers crash the economy. The bankers realized a long time ago that if they had 10 gold pieces in the vault, they could print up 100 paper receipts for that gold, and use those receipts to buy stuff for themselves. Most people wouldn’t care cause there was always a piece of gold for them when they went to the vault. However, what they didn’t realize is the bankers actually extracted some of the value of their gold by over-issuing receipts. Now, the money they “reserve” is itself just worthless digital money. Nothing but bits on a disk somewhere. The ebb and flow of currency is purposefully, scientifically manipulated by the financial elite to keep the masses enslaved. Sorry but the fox will always eat the chickens. That’s just how it is.  By participating in this fraud, we’re complicit. We need to act responsibly and ethically with the money we’re forced to use, and move to barter and non-fiat currencies. Barter, precious metals and crypto-currencies are going to be the best options going forward to wrest control back from the corrupt bankers.

The elite parasites (they know who they are and so do we) are stealing our blood, sweat and tears- but only because we collectively allow it. We deserve to reap the benefits of our labor. The take home message here is please stop fighting amongst yourselves and wake up so we can send these demons back where they came from, and fulfill our destiny.

Blessings to you and yours for 2016


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