Trump’s Final Solution: “Ban Muslims Entering the US”

Posted on December 21st, 2015 Admin

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or preventing the free exercise thereof”

Banning Muslims from entering the US would clearly be unconstitutional, because Congress would be making a law respecting an establishment of religion.   They aren’t authorized.  it wouldn’t keep us safe from terrorists, either.  Remember history- the all powerful State with power to ban religion is far more dangerous than religion itself.  Next they’ll be banning your religion, or imposing one on you.

By playing into anti-Islam fear mongering, the right wing is polarizing people into the divide-and-conquer Illuminati mind control.

Yes, we should recognize culturally people from theocratic states may have beliefs contrary to some western values.. but there are > 1b Muslims on the planet and their beliefs vary individually as with other religions. Governments should take the time to vet immigrants before allowing entry, be they Muslims or otherwise, and not stereotype them. If they aren’t known militants from enemy groups, and don’t have a history of anti-western activities, then we should afford these people the same opportunity as other demographics trying to gain entry into the country to go through the proper legal process to gain travel visas or immigrate.

If we’re worried about ISIS or Muslim Terrorists, patrolling our borders effectively would be a good use of military drones, instead of bombing innocent civilians. Deport illegals for starters (prison if convicted of a violent crime), to be fair to all immigrants from other countries who patiently wait and jump through hoops for visas, while thousands of unknown people from Mexico and who-knows where else (ISIS?) stream across the Mexican border.

To be fair, at least Trump sees the importance of controlling immigration.  If we patrol and control the border, there should be no perceived need to ban an entire relgion. That’s un-enforceable, will do nothing to protect us, and will only alienate the US further from the world community.

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