Tweeting again

Posted on April 6th, 2011 Admin

I was using a service to tweet my posts to twitter but that stopped working so I installed a plugin for the blog which will auto-tweet posts.   Additionally I’m running a local url shortner, so there won’t be any 3rd party tracking of your clicks (excluding the NSA vacuuming up most if not all internet traffic).

But anyhow, this blog doesn’t use Google Ananlytics or URL forwarding services like (sorry, working on that), facebook iframes with “Like Buttons” (and javascripts), or other shady code, so just be aware I’m trying to prevent any 3rd party tracking and protecting your privacy as much as possible.  If you browse this site thru a proxy, you can rest assured I’m not going to have your browser pinging the mothership and wasting your efforts, but hopefully you’re blocking cross site JS anyway.  It’s not just the government that wants to sniff our data, it’s private corporations like credit reporting agencies, and marketers who want to buy and sell your infos and annoy the living crap out of you.

I don’t have a privacy policy posted, but I do log IP addresses for my own protection in case someone hacks the blog.

Thanks for reading and here’s the Twitter feed

By the way, I can send tweets from my phone in case TSHTF and I can’t post directly to the blog.

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