Typewriter kerning (proportional spacing) existed in 1941 [updated]

Posted on May 23rd, 2011 Admin

In the interest of getting to the objective truth of the Obama birth certificate matter, I want readers to know that typewriter “proportional spacing” which is basically the same thing as kerning, actually did exist as early as 1941. Jerome Corsi and others skeptical of the Obama “long form” birth certificate have stated that font kerning is a trait that only computers can produce (and thus couldn’t be present in Obama’s birth cert), but actually some IBM typewriters used proportional spacing as early as 1941,

If you really examine the birth certificate closely, there are no good examples of letters kerned to a degree that exceeds the capabilities of a typewriter with proportional spacing.  The slight overlap in characters can be explained by shifting paper on a slippery typewriter roller, the use of proportional spacing, and/or ink bleed.

Font kerning itself is not proof of forgery.  I was one of the first to publish my doubts of the birth certificate’s authenticity, but have never claimed to be 100% sure it’s a fake. As a graphics expert, the furthest I’m willing to go (still) is to state that the document has been heavily altered but alteration does not prove forgery.

Don’t get me wrong. The document still is *probably* a fake but let’s not go too far out a on a limb with the kerning issue. Mike Rivero of What Really Happened recently told me he was not going to pursue the birth certificate any further because “Obama is a citizen, and the certificate is to cover up his mother’s youthful indiscretions and therefore irrelevant politically.”

Whatever the purpose behind it, I’m giving it about an 85% chance of being a forgery and 100% chance of being altered digitally, beyond just the process of creating a simple bitmap image from a source document or film.  Alteration is certain, and any alteration casts serious doubt on the authenticity.

Imagine though, the White House has a real birth certificate, scans, performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in Adobe Acrobat and thus vectorizes and layers the type objects. Then they put some silly “security” background on it, and release it just to mess with people.   It could be a psyop designed to divide the American people along ethnic and ideological lines, then they come out and discredit their opposition by releasing the real document for forensic analysis, “proving” that their opposition was making assumptions just because of the color of Obama’s skin and thus discrediting many jouranlists who took the poison pill as racists.

Maybe that scenario gives them too much credit.  While the presence of proportional spacing by itself does not prove forgery, in all probability they really did sneak their dual citizen Barry Soetoro in there to carry out a globalist agenda, and these birth certificates really are fake.

This issue is still somewhat important because it opens the door for people like the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, who admires Hitler and dreams of being a dictator, to be president.  This is why the Constitution allows only natural born citizens to be president- because we don’t want any foreign nationals selling us out to foreign powers.  Unfortunately President Soetoro is no more or less of a globalist than Bush.   Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


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  1. But…. the certificate issued after his, from the same office, had NO kerning.. was different kerning than barry o’s..

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