Unfortunate amount of race/culture fear mongering in alternative media

Posted on December 27th, 2015 Admin

And so what if they are mostly black? Police can arrest anyone who is breaking the law, no matter what color their skin is.  This little rant is a by product of a discussion in the comment section of an article about this supposed incident at a mall.

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There’s been an unfortunate amount of inflammatory race/cuture baiting in the alternative media lately, and it’s not helping to balance out the politically correct corporate media’s covering up of racially motivated crimes against whites.

Let’s juts back up a minute- As a “white” person, I’ve gotten to know many black people, including two roommates.  They tend to be awake about conspiracies, corruption, government misconduct and things of that nature because of historical inequities. White people who are awake need to reach out to these people about corruption, particularly about how two-party politics is fraud, so we can work together and be more effective.

People tend to riot cause they’re politically oppressed, or just entitled, misguided parent-less hoodlums; by-prodcts of a war on the family acting out their misguided aggression.  Many black people don’t understand the true nature and source of that oppression and it’s been turned into a white-privelege thing by the politically correct apologist media, turning that anger toward white middle class America instead of the true puppet masters behind the scenes, ie the international elite, who themselves are also made up of many races.

And please don’t start on about the Jews. Yes, Jews predominantly control the corporate whore media. If people wouldn’t watch so much damned TV and pay for their junk, it wouldn’t matter.

Divide and conquer politics have been very effective in the past at neutralizing opposition. Are we going to fall for that, or can we unite against our common enemy? Namely the imperialists and elite scum who have hijacked the US and are trying to wreck everything we and our ancestors have built? Here, I’ll list a few of them.

Monsanto, Syngenta, British Petroleum, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Halliburton, Bayer, News Corp, ABC 7 Disney, MSNBC.  All horrible companies, deliberately hurting people and lying about it- and I’m just barely scratching the tip of the iceberg. Let’s not even get into the elite tax-free foundations like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Gates.  Know your enemy. It’s not the middle class shop owner, or even the mall.  It’s not the police and military- unless they’re carrying out illegal orders from corrupt elites. We need things like grocery stores and people to protect your mom and sister when you’re not around- or would you rather have gangs of armed criminals roaming around trashing everything?  Don’t be idiots.

Let’s not kid ourselves, a lot of people are guilty of ignorance and bigotry among all races.  Not just blacks, whites, etc.  Historically oppressed people may have generational victimhood complexes, but we can get past that by uniting for freedom and prosperity for all– which we can’t have until we give up the endless war and financial fraud.

Until then, may your chains rest lightly and enjoy your servitude.  And enjoy having your malls smashed up.  I’m sick of hearing about race. Fear mongers, race-baiters, whiny victims, and politically correct apologists all need to expand their view a bit and recognize the nature of the mind control we’re up against.


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