Using the conspiracy culture for viral marketing

Posted on September 22nd, 2010 Admin

This was on Vigilant Citizen today:

Notice the upside down 666 in the post number on VC. Hah!

Yes, this commercial does make overt, absurd references to Illuminati symbolism– Mark of the Beast numerology, pyramids, eyes, etc. Yes, intelligence agencies and corporate-controlled media (newscorp/msnbcnnbc/numerous weblogs) engage in dissemination of covert propaganda.  There is no doubt about that.  But this particular piece of work may not be propaganda at all.

This looks more like a viral marketing scheme, using conspiracy-minded viewers to say “look at the Illuminati symbolism in this new 63336 thing” to their friends.  The number itself is what gets people to use the service, so every time the number is repeated, that’s  brand imprinting.  As they say, no pubicity is bad publicity.

Obviously most readers on VC are passionately against the Illuminati agenda so this probably is in fact bad publicity on that particular site, but as you tell some friends, they tell some more friends.. Thats how viral marketing works.  See, I’m telling you right now.  You may hate it but someone else who hears it may just think it’s funny and start using this new evil-ish 411 service.  Overall, it will still likely result in increased revenue.

Leave it up to the advertisers to put a dollar sign next to every God-forsaken thing in this world, even if it means making a joke out of a Satanic child-sacrificing death cult. Or maybe Queen Elizabeth and David Rockefeller wrote this script themselves over some BBQ human ribs, and hand-delivered a storyboard to the ad agency.  You just never know.

Here’s my brief summary of the Illuminati message to their human cattle:

• Sex and death go hand in hand.

• We’re all going to die in a huge cataclysm, which is good because human life is worth nothing.

• Be afraid of the Terrorists™.

• Submit to authority or you are a Terrorist.


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  1. Omg! They started to use NWO symbolism in commercials… What’s next?

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