Wellness Enforcement Officer… OPEN UP!!

Posted on September 20th, 2010 Admin

“Member Engagement” health insurance turns your entire life into a pre-existing condition + Could create new bond/futures market.

On its face, this might seem like a good idea.  Why should I have to pay for someone else’s million dollar liver transplant due to alcohol abuse, or lung cancer surgery after 30 years of smoking? They ruined their own organs willfully.

Unfortunately however, the only way to enforce a “member engagement” system  will be with a new bureaucracy of “health and wellness” lifestyle investigators, monitors, administrators, and medical testing regimes to ensure compliance… to engage the member. Get it?  We’re the members. The insurance companies are preparing to engage us, so brace yourselves.

Once your private medical information is out there, you can’t get it back, and here is a perfect illustration of why it should be kept private and not shared among providers (except as authorized), insurance agencies, or the government.  This type of game-changing, rule-changing behavior by the insurance industry puts nearly everyone at risk for claims denial based on the their subjective assessment of your lifestyle.  It will open the floodgates for a new wave of denials by turning lifestyles into pre-existing conditions.  Death panels?  Of course.  But they they’ll be called wellness assessment panels or something.

If this continues, we’ll be under total nanny state lifestyle micro-management in the name of health and wellness.  It may be privatized or run by a new federal agency. Either way, mandatory health insurance with “member engagement” will have the same result.  Who do you trust, the government or the corporations?  It doesn’t matter because the corporations control the government.  They’ll be working together, to ensure compliance.  Why do you think they made all this federal grant money available to implement electronic health records, while also making it mandatory to buy health insurance?

Did you just hear her say you have to complete a BIOMETRIC SCREENING? This gets scarier every time I watch her read it off the teleprompter but let’s not get off topic.

Member Engagement could create new financial bonds, futures, and derivatives markets, and probably a lot of other smoke and mirrors gambling investment vehicles I’ve never heard of (kind of like investing our savings and retirement money in sub-prime mortgage and derivative markets then going bankrupt).  What does this have to do with you?  Stay with me for a minute…

If the Wall Street bankers can determine the investment value of owning our individual insurance policies, using health and lifestyle data, as opposed to owning group plans as a whole, it could enable the sale of financial contracts based on the health of individuals, that is how likely someone is to need a million dollar surgery before being hit by a bus, and thus whether that individual’s plan will be profitable or costly to administer.  I’m sure the investors and traders are already salivating over this.  Hey, if they can trade penal/prisoner bonds (not penile), they can trade anything.

To the bureaucrats and social workers that will try to ram this system down our throats– put this in your pipe and smoke it:

I live a healthy lifestyle and rarely see doctors, which is none of your business.  I have no intention of submitting to unnecessary medical testing or sharing information about my lifestyle with you.  If my doctor thinks a procedure or treatment is reasonable and legitimate, s/he will submit a claim with the appropriate billing code. The insurance company will then pay the claim or I will sue them.   It’s obviously not a perfect system now but at least patients have the recourse of a law suit if claims are denied, and the insurance companies are forced to compete in the free market. This Orwellian new insurance model will lead to discrimination law suits if it goes where I think it’s going.

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