Wind, solar, geothermal looking more attractive in light of recent environmental disasters

Posted on April 1st, 2011 Admin

The problem when comparing the cost per unit of generating electricity from different sources is that we don’t factor in the cost of something like Fukishima into the cost of producing nuclear energy.  What price do we put on the lives that will be cut short by radiation? Can we even acertain the number of people affected?  There is no shortage of technologies that take advantage of the clean energy that is all around us: wind, sun, and geothermal.

If we want nuclear energy, There’s a big fusion reactor already safely contained millions of miles away. It’s called the Sun. If a wind turbine disintegrates in a storm, at least it’s not going to cause mass casualties, poison the air, food and water and mutate our genes.

GE and Toshiba, BP, Halliburton, Monsanto, and all you bastards are messing up your own planet too.   You still have to breathe air and eat food.  More wind turbines and solar arrays, fewer poorly-engineered ticking time bombs, please.

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