Arm yourselves now [updated]

Posted on October 23rd, 2009 Admin

The machines are just about ready for their true mission…

Hundreds of different types of robots are already deployed in active combat in the middle east. There are armed airborne drones, some with wheels and treads, even 4 legged models:

The one thing they’re lacking though is an agile, bipedal model that is effective against urban guerilla fighters- not just against personnel and vehicles in open spaces, but against populations in door-to-door sweeps of buildings; against a guerilla “insurgency” in an urban setting.

Once this technolgy goes into mass production, it will be deployed not only against Arab nations, but against all of us. The elite plans for their New World Order utopia do not include the sprawling masses of useless eaters. The lower classes of humans are obsolete and the elite have no intention of sharing their life-extension technology that is right around the corner.

This is why agencies like DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) have blank-check budgets to develop autonomous killing machines.

Take heed, fleshies. They will be here soon.

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