David Wilcock exposed as a hoaxer [updated]

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 Admin

After having the misfortune of viewing the alien theater David Wilcock puts out on CIA-connected History Channel (via Hearst Publishing), and AOL Time Warner’s Huffington Post, I recommend his followers wise up to the sophisticated straw man tactic being used against them, in which a disinformation agent is inserted to poison the well, pee in the pool, etc by putting out obviously made-up nonsense along with target information he pretends to expose, but which instead is suppressed and discredited using guilt by association.

Wilcock wrote the book The Source Field Investigations and operates within the tin foil fringe of the conspiracy culture.  This peid piper seems to have amassed quite a following, due to being given a forum by the corporate whore media History Channel and AOL Time Warner, which are a virtual firehose of propaganda.  I will go on record right now saying Wilcock is either knowingly or unwittingly involved in psywar disinfo operations.

After his widely publicized y2k alien rapture prediction (Ascension 2000) that failed to manifest, Wilcock now appears on intelligence agency TV, along with Giorgio Tsoukalos in fake tan bronzer, to conflate aliens and end times theology with weather modification.   Oh, by the way, these aliens are going to save us from the New World Order, so there’s no need to get up off your couch. Just tune in for the next episode of Ancient Aliens and watch the fireworks.

Top dubious claims made by Wilcock:

1. The Source Field
God, rebranded.  A universal loving consciousness that pervades everything.  I have no real problem with this and it’s impossible to argue with religion.

2. DNA teleportation
He repeats the discredited claim by Jeff Reimers of the University of Sydney that using some apparatus of  oscillating magnetic fields, one can teleport or remotely imprint DNA through glass containers.   I’m going with contamination until these results are reproduced.  Knowing a bit about the chemistry of detecting nucleic acids, I can say it’s extremely easy to cross contaminate samples of DNA.  He claims DNA comes from the ‘source field.’

3. Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.
Maybe I’m supposed to know that Cayce was a popular psychic. I fail to see how resembling someone amounts to reincarnation.

4. Aliens work with our government and control the weather.
Come up with some direct evidence other than computer generated UFO videos on youtube and mockumentaries by the discredited History Channel and we’ll talk.  Until then, I’m sticking to my belief that governments have both classified and admitted weather manipulation technologies.  There is no need for aliens to explain this.

5. DUMBS were nuked by anti-NWO white hat elites
Good white hat elites are going to save us from the New World Order. They’ve destroyed much of the US government’s network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS).  No good seismic or radiological evidence provided to support this claim.  Again, the disinfo is designed to pacify people by making them think someone else is coming to save them.

6 Ascension 2000, and now 2012
Soon we will be raptured by ETs and ascend to a higher state of consciousness.  Rapture theology adapted for Mayan calendar and 2012. A fresh crop of couch potatoes who are too young to recall all the Y2k doomsday stuff are ready to drink some kool aid.  ETs also built the mayan pyramids.

7. Dragon Family/Keenan Lawsuit
This was a story about some 1930’s era bonds that were allegedly owed by the Fed banksters to a wealthy Chinese family (Dragon Family). Bonds came in fake-looking trunks. Wilcock and Fulford put out some photos. Bonds later reported to be fake.  Neil Keenan sued a number of intenational elite and heads of state in US federal court for $1T. Lawsuit dismissed by plaintiff in mid-2012, buit no mention of the dismissal on Wilcock’s site so far.

8. Transistors and lasers came from Roswell, NM supposed UFO crash.
These technologies are fully unexplainable in light of the the long progression of technological developments that preceded them.  I see no need for Roswell to account for these inventions.  Roswell may be government propaganda, along the lines of War of the Worlds.  All we hear out there in the sky with radio telescopes is noise and natural phenomena, and no artificial signals, yet. Intelligent ETs may exist out there, somewhere.  It’s just that I have never seen any good evidence to support it.

There’s plenty more where this came from, like stargates and time travel but I think I’m done wtih this.

His work fits the profile of conspiracy theory propaganda a la Fox’s X-Files and Lone Gunmen shows.  Ponder for a minute the fact that in this pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen, a spinoff of The X-Files, a scenario bearing uncanny similarities to 9/11 is put forward, in which shadow government plots to crash planes into the WTC by remote control and blame it on foreign enemies to start wars.  The agenda here is to conflate real conspiracy with the aliens and bigfoot, so as to discredit it.  This aired on Fox prior to 9/11/01.

Thanks for reading. Gotta run. 2012 reptoids are here to take me back to Nibiru.

** Update: After comparing a questionable clip I posted previously, of a phone call to Coast to Coast radio show with Art Bell to other known recordings of Wilcock, I decided it was not conclusive and replaced it with these other examples of Wilcock’s shennanigans. I like to stick to facts I can prove.  I’m not perfect but at least I’m trying to get to the truth, unlike Wilcock and the rest of the alien reptoid crowd.  For posterity, the audio clip is on youtube Here. **


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  1. “My gut feeling is that it is him becase they share some speech characteristics, but the tonal quality is slightly different.”

    Well, looks like the case is closed on this one. I don’t necessarily think David is legit, but this article in no ‘proves’ or shows David saying that he himself is a hoaxer. Please change the title of this.

  2. I did some rearranging to de-emphasize this beacuse you’re right it’s not 100% certain, and there are numerous other examples of him putting out confirmed hoaxes, like ascension 2000, so in my mind the case is still indeed closed on this charlatan. Nearly everything he puts out is a hoax. I’m giving that audio ~ 90% chance of being him. There are very slight differences in tonality but that could be accounted for by the fact that call was made over 10 years ago.

  3. That’s not Wilcock calling Art Bell! Are you basing this whole article on the claim that Wilcock hoaxed a call to AB? It’s clearly NOT him, and at the very end of the article you mention that “Oh yeah, by the way, I can’t verify that this is Wilcock’s voice”. Amazing. Dude, this kind of article will get your ass sued one day.

  4. Why would I be sued for embedding a video someone else posted on youtube claiming it’s Wilcock calling Art Bell? The vast majority of what Wilcock puts out is a hoax. This claim is not based on the phone call.

    Admittedly I should have been more conservative about the phone call, and I’ve adjusted the article arrordingly, but it still sounds like him after comparing to some other recordings.

    I do appreciate the criticism but I still stand by my original point.

    Perhaps I will run a voice print comparison and dig for some more info on it. Only problem is now I’ve opened pandora’s box allowing myself to be sucked into this 2012 reptoid world of disinformation and having to waste time disproving made up stuff.

  5. Having to waste time disproving stuff?? Wow. Dude, it is kinda important to be able to prove what you’re saying, and you haven’t proved a damn thing here. Wilcock cites everything he does with legit sources. If you bothered to read his book you’d know that. His stuff is HEAVILY sourced. Where are your sources??? The only one I see making stuff up here is YOU. Prove what you’re saying.

  6. One simple response to that: ascension 2000. Did we ascend to the reptoid mother ship in 2000? Seems like business as usual here on earth.

    Oh, and that whole fake bond thing, dragon family lawsuit, and a zillion other things he and Fulford put out that never amount to a hill of beans.

    I assume by “sources” you mean “Fulford”

  7. your only argument is “I don’t believe it”. not much of an argument.

  8. It is irrelevant whether Fulford and/or Wilcock are psy-ops agents or not. What you focus upon and give attention to is what you empower, regardless of whether it is the negative side of the positive or the positive side of the negative…. If it includes the Old World Order, in any way, then you are empowering them with more thought, emotion, and action.

    Things like this are actually enabling the Illuminati and giving them your power which is exactly what they want. Focus on self development of awareness and consciousness is what disables them. Blogging, as a tool, is most effective by focusing on the world you actually want to see rather than the world you don’t want to see.

    Besides, Wilcock’s book has more pages of sources than a print out of this entire blog. Claiming that Wilcock’s only source is Fulford is more so exposing yourself as not doing the full due diligence that people are looking for in an exposé.

    Cynicism is not skepticism. Your gut feeling is impeccably sourced on this one. A+ for effort though.

  9. Irrelevant, huh. Sounds like “law of attraction” thinking. Make your own reality. If it’s psy ops disinfo, it doesn’t matter. So we have to choose to either believe it or ignore it? No, actually I’m calling it out cause I’m sick of people coming to me with stuff like Law of Attraction and 2012 reptoid sky lizard conspiracy theories.

    People need to get a grip on reality and stop buying into this bullshit.

    What exactly is Wilcock’s source for Ancient Aliens manipulating the weather? I keep hearing about all his wonderful sources. There is no way in hell I’m reading his book. I’ve seen enough and like you say I have limited energy to spend researching disinfo.

    Giving attention to disinfo trolls is stupid, admittedly, but I’m also interested in looking at the techniques they use to subvert the conspiracy culture which are not limited to Wilcock and Fulford.

  10. The important thing to do is sort through all of the material and get to the important facts. He may be a hoaxer, but I don’t think anyone would disagree that the Rothchild’s have manipulated the outcomes of world events in the past and are continuing to do so via the illuminati and/or ruling cabal. Financial tyranny is a reality and we are all fed up with it. Fulford and Wilcock are trying to raise awareness about the need to stop the tyranny, that it is time for the human race to live together in peace, that the time of greed is over. This is what I get out of it and I agree. We either learn to live and love one another or we destroy ourselves and the planet. If this equates to the need for higher consciousness then so be it.

    Meditation is effective, read the studies. We are all connected in some way spiritually don’t you think? I say go Dave go. while I am skeptical of many of his ideas I like the fight against the old world system that creates poverty and war all in the name of profits and greed.

    The Rothchild’s have enough money to end world poverty now. Why aren’t they?

    Also, many credible witnesses like Edgar Mitchell and other normal working people are stating that aleins do exist, that Roswell did indeed happen, that there has been a cover up and that it should end now. That alien technologies have been retrieved from downed crafts and backward engineered and that there are now planet saving energy technologies that exist that are being kept secret and away from the public? Why? Greed of course, and control.

    David is on to something regardless of his quirkiness. The facts speak for themselves. Take a look at the Disclosure Project on youtube.

  11. none of you realize that while these people expose the illuminatis control system they create fear.they do not know it usually.the real elites are not the rothschild or any of them.the real elktes feed whistleblowers info to make you fearful of an outcome.real disinformation is easy to spot and this is all coming from REVELATIONS OF AN ELITE FAMILY INSIDER.the elite hire people to feed whistle blowers scary information all the time.david icke being the most known.he has been given info that interested him.and while being true has made the masses fearful of reptilians.truth is they dont hate you.they just play a role for your upliftment.my advice to all of you is that you dont look to lecturers for info.its all inside of you.wilcock isnt a disinfo agent but he has been given info to scare you secretly by the elite who would lecture him about info that they knew would scare the people.the real elites are completely secretive so that even the people who they appear to be helping do not know they are an elite.books and lectures are the easiest way to get wilcock exposed to info that will scare people.fear will create for them.they dont do anything to you.that is you elected officials taking bribes and aggreeing to be secret for the rothschilds who then report to the real elites

  12. Ok, so it’s the reptoids feeding them disinfo about… reptoids? So it is the reptilian shape shifters after all, but they’re here to help us and use people like Icke and Wilcock for what?

    All I ask is that you just show me one lousy reptoid and I’ll become a true believer.

  13. I thought I was actually going to get hard evidence on this guy being a fraud. AND BELIEVE ME…I REALLY WANT IT BADLY.

    But, what I see here is a guy who simply disagrees with what Wilcock has presented.

    I wish I could find something that STICKS.

  14. Don’t we all, but who is willing to spend time investigating someone who makes outlandish, unsubstantiated claims? Me, apparently, but not much, and I’m certainly not holding my breath for aliens to save us from the New World Order and arrest the central bank fraudsters. Claims like ascension 2000 should speak for themselves to critical thinkers.

    There’s your proof: y2k came and went without event. You want more, investigate the fake bonds and Dragon Family lawsuit.

  15. Why is everyone mad at David for outing information that is scaring and heavily unsourced? First of all, I have his book Scourcefield investigation, I read it, it gave me MORE hope in a future where people are good for eachother, also his book is HEAVILY referenced so you can make up your own mind.

    To respond to your points:

    1- sourcefield is theory, you don’t buy it, fine don’t buy it, but read the book as he does deliver quite substantial information to back this view up and then you can actually say why his particular reference doesn’t make sense to you

    2- He mentions many more cases of spontaneous DNA coming into existence, in fact even Darwin in his first writings mentioned that DNA and living organisms come out of “thin air” into existence without being offspring from another living being, later on this was removed as it made him look like an imbecil, but maybe he was right? I don’t know, just interesting to me, thats all

    3- Edgar Cayce… except for some probability scores based on his star signs in every system known to man (star signs, chinese “year of” principle, moon signs etc etc) making the event someone else would be born with the same star signs 1 in every 127 years. Could be chance, I leave it for what it is, if he believes he is, good for him, doesn’t influence his data in my eyes.

    4- aliens and weather changing devices… Dude use google… it is not up to david to explain to you if and how Aliens exist, let alone that the abilty to change the weather is real… HAARP is the organization on earth that used to be mainly responsible for deliberate weather modification and obviously Aliens exist… What makes you think we are alone in this universe of trillions of planets if not more, it’s even very probable… So working with humans is only the next step then isn’t it?

    5- Qoute David: “I’m getting sick of people sending me letters to ask if I would meet them to fulfill their lives and goals as they look up to me as some annointed teacher or divine savior , don’t look up to me, don’t look up to the sky in fear, just look and find yourself, be loving and inspire others” (event horizon, prophecies of a golden age) so noone else will save you, you have to do that by finding love and forgiveness in your heart and start living in peace. (atleast that’s what I take from that)

    6- the world was wondering whether Y2K would happen, he wasn’t the only one that was wrong :) maybe his sources gave him disinfo?? There is no point to making these statements to be shat out by the world the day after… There really is no point to put yourself in such an ashaming experience. Also OFCOURSE ET’s build the pyramids (and not just the mayan ones either!) look into the pyramids of Giza and tell me that was build by slaves/egyptians even though TODAY we still don’t have the technology to create what has been created arguably 2500BC or 10500 BC.

    7- He only picked up on this story AFTER it was reported by other sources in the media and online. Him seeing, or thinking he is seeing the larger picture does not discredit his scientifical pointers, research conclusions etc. This is just you being extremely focussed on discrediting him as opposed to looking into his other stuff. Also who says the fake bonds weren’t meant to start a financial collapse as the smallest rumor can KILL a company on wall street as you have seen happening over and over again. I seriously don’t get your criticism, the man has much info and sometimes he can be wrong too (not saying he is, but he could be, fair game)

    8- The first good point you make in my eyes, I don’t agree with you however I see why you came to that conclusion. I like to think it’s reversed. All these wars and globalist plans are to keep the few critical thinkers in this world occupied by often feeding them bullshit so that they are occupied and the other people watching the TV start hating religions as religion is always posed as the reason for wars, however I think religious wars are started to discredit religion on a whole and give a really bad association to it. To once again qoute David: “Every religion in it’s origin is true, there is a higher force that shapes us and influences us, however free will makes us choose to be loving or hating to put it that way.

    Sorry for the long post, but people tend to think they can discredit someone without reading their material and that gets me mad as hell. You don’t have to agree with everything, hell, he might even be wrong, but the quest for information should be ongoing and I feel David definately adds to that quest.

  16. I also feel that Icke, Wilcock, Jones, Gary Null…etc….are most likely controlled opposition. Have you ever watched some of Icke’s videos? I am trying to learn the tactics of disinfo, hypnotism, mesmerism and anything else that puts our brains into more of an Alpha state. Alpha state equals suggestibility.

    Certain forms of guided meditation and regular meditation put one into the alpha state. I’ve read that the more one meditates and exposes themselves to visual and audio mesmerizing effects…the more permanent becomes their residence in the alpha state. It certainly seems that the mainstream media and even our corrupt school system …are promoting meditation and other New Age beliefs. That is a warning sign to me.

    Just quickly as an example. With my limited knowledge of mind control….I have been trying to analyze the speeches, and special effects that go along with Icke’s presentations. He seems to be an expert in using Neurolinguistic programming hand gestures. While he says one thing that sounds hopeful and good… his hand gestures are often emphasizing the opposite. Also look for repetition of certain words and phrases and their emphasis. When videos are shown on screens at his talks…look for swirling, blinking, flashing movements.

    Also look for soothing flowing motions. Check out how these movements make you feel. I can sense how they can put you into sort of a hypnotic state. Also listen for either harsh chaotic noise or music….and or soothing sounds. All of this can play a role in our suggestibility.How something is presented has an immense impact on our acceptance of ideas. http://www.conspiracyanalyst.blogspot.com

  17. Icke: Genuinely believes what he’s saying although much of it is not credible.

    Wilcock: Professional disinfo artist, funded by AOL Time Warner and History Channel (known psyops)

    Jones: Believes what he’s saying.

    Null: Seems legit, although I’m not very familiar with his work.

    Granted none of these people are going to be correct 100% of the time, but I have a nose for a liar, and I can see right thru Wilcock (and his “source” Benjamin Fulford). One specific example to watch for with Wilcock is when he prefaces outlandish claims with the word “apparently.” That’s legalese for “What I’m about to say is a lie so I need plausible deniablity.”

    Plus, a lot of what they talk about is completely un-provable metaphysical woo woo, so I could care less. But you can see by the number of comments on this post that his followers are multiplying like cockroaches.

  18. I dont believe that Wilcock is intentionally lying about what he is presenting. I do beleive that he is very fascinated with the world of the paranormal and has acted as an advocate towards issues which he feels that are deserving of investigation and subsequent delivery to the general public.

    Whether he is right or wrong, and in this case does anyone really know for sure, really makes no difference towards the grand scheme of things so if you like him fine, if not, let him carry on. He might stumble across something which will one day help us to understand who we are and what we are.

    Until then, try to make it through your own day without going crazy. It’s not easy in this realm to say the least.

  19. There are only 2 possibilities for dec 21, 2012, 1: nothing will happen or 2: something will happen.
    Wilcock, Icke, etc all have their own ideas of what will or “might” happen. Unfortunately, they to are naive thinking that love will conquer all. Nature neither loves or hate, it just is. Earthquakes, hurricanes, asteroid collision, etc. To us it would be catastrophic, but in nature it is the rule, so what if a few million survive or if humanity is wiped out of existence, nature doesn’t care, cause it knows nothing of good and evil. But besides that, the mayans never said it would be the end of the world, just the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. Humanity has to be the one to decide how it will progress to the new age. But for the people who think that the new age will be of love and only love, holding hands and singing kumbaya will be in for one hell of a dissappointment, don’t forget that for where there is love there is hate. One cannot exist without the other, both concepts existed for eternity. I suggest you learn to live with it and deal with it.

  20. Yes he’s a very convincing fake and spamed the internet with some story about a documentary is being released in russia in a few hours time

    See http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1097-russiantv

    Then at the last moment, it’s been delayed and you cannot leave any comments on the site and most look made up anyway just saying what a hero david is and not asking any questions.

  21. http://www.rumormillnews.com/pdfs/11%20civ%208500%20Keenan%20Complaint.pdfhttp://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1097-russiantv Do your homework Jah

  22. I could sue the queen of England saying I’m the rightful heir to the reptoid empire. Doesn’t mean it’s ever going to result in a judgment in my favor.

  23. He is a fake, today’s date 2012-12-21.

  24. The people who have written the bulk of these comments are the reason we’re about to get shafted with less lube than ever before. I don’t know of anything more unpalatable than a new ager who thinks the world will be a better place if we sit around making daisy chains and telling each other we must not allow our attention to drift towards the injustices of the world; it’s spineless and absurd! Why? Well why don’t you take a trip to the Gaza Strip and instil your hippy bullshit by telling that 15 year old boy who’s just lost his whole family due to them being burnt alive by white phosphorous that he must pay no attention to the ethnic cleansing of his people, that this gives them power! Honest to God!!!! The ONLY reason we are no longer in the dark ages that we once were under brutal rule is because folk got pissed at being treated like pigs and stood up for themselves as well as the vulnerable, to protect them and demand the rights they were born with! Now, due to apathy and the nauseating mentality being illustrated here, we are on the precipice of those very dark ages we once were. I live my life peacefully, I hurt no one and “raising my consciousness” isn’t going to do shit about the situation we face so stop burying your head in the sand and sucking your thumbs; you’re WORSE than the “sheeple” because you actually THINK you’re awake?!? If you guys are the “resistance”, I’ll see you in Disney Land in the not too distant future!

  25. Troy, in fairness, you can do both. Grow your spiritual awareness and spread and fight for political awareness. The biggest problem for the “sheeple” is how polarized and dualistic everyone is. If you EVER see things as black and white, you’re missing something. You will never figure it out completely, just get closer, and have to let go of your ego in the process.

    Sometimes I think we divide and conquer ourselves, they just sit back, let us destroy ourselves, and further enslave us. It seems to be in our nature. We would rather argue semantics over how we’re being f_cked than join together to stop the f_cking.

    As far as DW is concerned, I just take what serves me and leave the rest. Same as I do with the Bible, infowars, and every book I ever read. Nothing is bulletproof or seamless, ever, period. Just do your own fact checking and you’ll be fine. If DW points out one interesting thing in an article full of bullshit, I don’t consider it a waste of time. Not a bad mindset to have.

  26. There’s a huge difference between this guy and Edgar Cayce – which being that Edgar Cayce showing very strong morale and character through his actions, where this guy has only given us unsubstantiated crap

  27. David Wilcock is a gifted speaker and there are very few who are better. The Illuminati have realized his potential long ago and have secretly brain washed him and programmed him to talk in the way he does about topics that have been chosen. He is a rising star now through the mass media helped along to stardom by the media that is owned by the same people who have prepared him and brain washed him. He is now a programmed robot and is given regular drugs to keep him that way (ever noticed the blackening around his eyes?).
    There will always be people who will believe anything and become followers to whom no amount of proof or arguement will change their equally brain washed beliefs. Christianity is a perfect example of brain washing. It works well because its hard to disprove.

    Ask yourselves, seek your own judgement by listening to your heart not your media. If it rings true buy it, if it doesnt dont be decieved. There is so much disinformation out there and its is there to distract you from the truth to stop you from feeling the truth by confusing you with deliberate rubbish.

    There is going to only one ascention and that is after you die. You will either stay here and reincrnate or move on. I sure as hell hope I get out of here for good.

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