DOJ drops case against Black Panther

Posted on July 8th, 2010 Admin

I guarantee you if a white guy was on the corner shouting names and threats at black women he’d be arrested in about 2 minutes and charged with a hate crime.  Inciting violence and racially motivated solicitation of murder are crimes in this country.

This “King Samir Shabazz” character is obviously disturbed and might benefit from anti-psychotic medication.  I hate to say it, and anyone who knows me knows I have a healthy mistrust of the psychiatric industry, but there are actually some people (pyschos/sociopaths) who benefit from psychiatric drugs.

I foresee major trouble in the life of a person with this much anger.  That couple in the video showed a lot of restraint when Shabbaz calls the lady a “cracker whore.”   One can only hope that someday he’ll say that to the wrong person and get his teeth kicked in.  Unfortunately that’s the only way people like this learn respect– the hard way.

Dismissing a case that the DOJ had already won is incredibly suspicious.  The feds love to use race-hate fanatics like Hal Turner to keep the rest of us at each others’ throats– scared and begging for them to ratchet up their police state to protect us.

I get the feeling we haven’t heard the last of “Shabazz”

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