Ex-LAPD and Navy officer goes Rambo, 3 cops shot, 1 dead

Posted on February 7th, 2013 Admin

LAPD frantically shooting citizens matching his description

Interesting read from suspect Christopher Jordan Dorner in his so-called “manifesto,” if in fact it is genuine.

Link to the full uncensored version here

Censored corporate media version

He mentions “suffering from depression.”  When people see depression as a disease, the logical course of action is to treat it with medicine.  Based on this choice of words there, and his generally positive disposition toward government and corporate media, I’d bet money he was on psych drugs.  Anyone with that much trust and faith in the system would be easy prey for a psychiatrist.

His pro-gun-control position seems rather ironic since he feels justified in killing family members of police with guns he says he shouldn’t have been able to obtain.

Wait, here’s a wild idea.  How about corrupt police departments clean up their act and stop pushing their fellow roid-head mental patients to the breaking point by calling them a nigger and firing them for reporting corruption.  It would be pretty difficult to verify the claims in his manifesto, since the people responsible for investigating are the ones he’s accusing of corruption, but it’s certainly consistent with how big city police departments operate.

To quote Gerald Celente, when people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

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