FCC says you can’t use that wireless mic any more

Posted on January 19th, 2010 Admin

If you own a wireless mic that operates in the 700 MHz band (between 698 and 806 MHz), as of June 12, 2010, you will be prohibited from using it.  This frequency band is no longer used for analog TV after the switch to digital TV and is now being used by law enforcement and emergency services.

Naturally, the ever-growing police state will need more radio bandwidth for its minions to communicate with each other, especially when operating within the range of your wireless mic, such as in your home, business, or church.

Chris Lyons, manager of technical and educational communications for Shure Microphones, says “The 700 MHz band has been reallocated and the bottom line is that any wireless mic that operates in the 700 MHz band—and that’s a lot of them—needs to be replaced.”

So for the good of the state, and for your own safety, you must throw away that microphone.  There will be no compensation.



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  1. “Used by law enforcement and emergency services” is a cover story. It is because analogue signals interfere with RFID chips broadcasts.

  2. Ask Google and IBM about this. They’re the ones building the infrastructure for this new industry, starting with the health sector. The medium to transfer data into this infrastructure will be through the use of RFID and this signal. With the data being sent, they want to make sure that nothing interferes with the data so as to maintain data integrity into the “databases”.

  3. Interesting thought. http://www.rfid-handbook.de/rfid/frequencies.html A lot of existing rfid technology does seem to use frequences around 7-800 mhz. However RFID systems can be tuned to use other frequences, not just 700mhz band. I imagine someday satellite RFID tracking systems will be implemented on a global scale, if they haven’t already been.

  4. @qbit.

    That is true but the physical infrastructure for these frequencies already exist under the guise of TV station hardware etc…

    Also Google actually come out a few years ago and stated that they had been “researching” passing “the internet” across this bandwidth because it was to become “empty” and unused. They made a quite detailed video of it and suggested it was a great way to get the internet into every house hold through their existing TV aerial by using this medium and existing frequencies. (basically free internet.) But that idea quickly disappeared and now we have Google working on Google Health, along with partnering with IBM to develop a platform for the next level in health care technology and it’s all about RFID chips and “smarter healthcare”

    “smarter healthcare” care of IBM marketing.

    An ex-IBM employee has also blown the whistle on the subject.

  5. Is it just me or does this IBM pill graphic look suspiciously like a swastika?
    band-aid swastika
    “our health systems can automatically capture accurate, real-time information.”
    Yes IBM has a long history of tracking people, for example in nazi death camps.

    Thanks for the dprogram link. I may repost this one later…

  6. That is major bull sh*t if they think I’m throwing away my mics f**k them

  7. I reposted the dprogram/AFP article about the 700mhz band being used for RFID. Very ominous twist to an already disturbing story. Thanks Random for the tip.

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