Google censoring “BitTorrent,” other search terms from instant results

Posted on February 18th, 2011 Admin

To Google and shadow government homeland security types who are probably doing a lot of arm-twisting in the form threats and payoffs, I have a message for you…

There are a lot of legitimate uses for BitTorrent other than piracy. It can be used to share ANY data.  You are attempting to restrict access to a powerful technology that enables many distributed applications.    You should take a lesson from history and realize that censoring words is a losing battle.

Go to, turn on ‘instant’ and type in bittorrent to see for yourself…

Ah but since you already know how to spell the word, they’ll show some suggestions in the “instant” box now.  Who made this arbitrary decision?  Do we now have the governemnt in there micro-managing Google’s search queries and algos?  This is getting ridiculous.

They say “jump,” you say “which window.”

Lots of open source software uses BitTorrent to distribute files, so this is essentially an attack on open source software.

We need to move away from google as much as possible.  I am going to intensify my research into alternative search providers and hopefully post some links for you soon.


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  1. I use or

    Forget Google! Privacy all the way!

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