How much Colgate toothpaste would it take to kill a child?

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… toothpaste-induced fatalities have been rarely reported in the US. In a review of Poison Center Control reports between 1989 and 1994, 12,571 reports were found from people who had ingested excess toothpaste. Of these calls, 2 people – probably both children – experienced “major medical outcomes”, defined as “signs or symptoms that are life-threatening or result in significant residual disability or disfigurement” (SOURCE: Shulman 1997).

“Colgate for Kids” Toothpaste could Kill your Child
Age of Child
Average Weight*
Dose of Fluoride
which could kill**
Percent of
“Colgate for Kids”
toothpaste which,
if swallowed,
could Kill***
2 years
~12 kg
60 mg
~42% of tube
3 years
~15 kg
75 mg
~53% of tube
4 years
~16 kg
80 mg
~56% of tube
5 years
~ 18 kg
90 mg
~63% of tube
6 years
~20 kg
100 mg
~70% of tube
7 years
~22 kg
110 mg
~77% of tube
8 years
~25 kg
125 mg
~87% of tube
9 years
~28 kg
140 mg
~98% of tube
*Average weight data obtained here
** Potentially fatal dose = 5 mg of fluoride per kg of bodyweight. This is “the minimum dose that could cause toxic signs and symptoms, including death, and that should trigger immediate therapeutic intervention and hospitalization… This does not mean that doses lower than 5.0 mg F/kg should be regarded as innocuous.” (SOURCE: Journal of Dental Research 1987; 66:1056-1060.)
*** The fluoride concentration in Colgate for Kids toothpaste is 1,100 ppm. At 130 grams of paste in the average tube, this equals 143 milligrams of fluoride.

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