Michigan Rep. Paul Opsommer introduces more resolutions affirming states’ rights

Posted on March 30th, 2009 Admin

Michigan Rep. Opsommer’s affirmation of states’ rights is a big step in the right direction is a step in the right direction, but the affirmation of the 10th amendment could be worded more strongly.

We also urge the federal government to halt its practice of imposing mandates upon the states”

No, we DEMAND it and our police and national guard will not enforce it.

I commend him though.  If all our congress critters had guts like him we wouldn’t be staring down a tyannical, bloated federal government.

From Michigan rep Paul Opsommer:


Thank you for previously contacting my office regarding the following related resolutions:

HCR 004 (10th Amendment)


HCR 006 (No RFID chips in Drivers Licenses / foreign data sharing)


HCR 009 (2nd Amendment)


HCR 014 (No GPS “Gas Tax”)


· As an update, HCR 004 has yet to get a hearing in the House, but Senator Patterson has introduced SCR 004 in the Senate, where it has a better chance of being heard. I am fully supportive of SCR 004. If passed in the Senate, SCR 004 would be sent to the House.

· HCR 006 had a hearing and has PASSED the Michigan House. It now goes to the Michigan Senate to be voted on there. Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDLs) have already been issued in Washington State, and may become available in Michigan as early as the end of April.

· HCR 009 and HCR 014 have yet to get a hearing.

I will make sure to pass along any other updates as I get them.

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Respectfully in Service,
Paul Opsommer’s Office
State Representative, 93rd District

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