Nano silver shown to have anti-clotting effect on blood

Posted on December 15th, 2009 Admin

Colloidal, nano-particulate silver has been shown to have significant anti-clotting properties in a new study published in the medical journal ACS Nano.

Current drugs used to treat clotting disorders such as stroke and thrombosis can have serious side effects. Contaminated batches of Chinese-made Heparin (an anti-clotting drug often used in stroke patients) was recently recalled by the FDA.  Even when not contaminated, Heparin can have some nasty side effects, including bleeding out of body orofices, confusion, vision problems, vomiting, and swelling.

Since metals can not be patented, it’s unlikely the pharmaceutical industry will show interest in this, other than to prevent its use.  But for people with stroke or other clotting disorders, this information could be valuable.

Characterization of Antiplatelet Properties of Silver Nanoparticles [pdf]

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