North Korean propaganda film surprisingly accurate

Posted on December 9th, 2012 Admin

My only issue with this film is their condemnation of Christianity and Judaeism.  It’s narrow-minded and simplistic to lump all pratitioners of these religions into one group of mind controlled zombies.  Admittedly, most organized religion is for the purpose of mind control, but communist societies like North Korea and China are notoriously brutal in their opposition to organized religion.  The problem with religion is that individual freedoms and responsibilities come from God (or the doctrine) straight to the individual, bypassing the power monopoly of the state.  In a communist dictatorship, the Dear Leader is their God.

That said, this has given me a new respect for the North Korean Ministry of Truth, or whatever they call their propaganda buerau.  So little is really known about this isolated nation in the west that we really should not be too quick to judge them as a whole, based on the testimony of a few defectors.  Just realize that many citizens of western “first world” nations have similar horror stories to tell.


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  1. All belief systens exist for the sake of controling a given religion’s membership. Once any of the members buy into the idea, “You got to believe,” they can be sold any made up story or belief. And there’s no chance of it ever being questioned, either. Also, as for responsibilities coming directly from God straight to an individual in regard religions, not so. All responsibilities are blocked by the priesthood or controlling ministry. And the idea of it’s all God’s doing, or will happen if God wills it, and so forth, and the confession process (just tell what bad things you did any you are forgiven), eliminates any possibility of spiritually growing up and learning to be responsible for whatever one does. The church entirely maintains control. Religions stunt personal spiritual growth. And absolutely. Organized religion is actually a form of controlling government without borders and has nothing to do with true spiritual evolvement, or awareness, apart from the preventing of it bt creating Believers.

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