Open letter to Apple Computers

Posted on April 12th, 2014 Admin

back in the day...

The gist of this rant is that Apple uses some nasty tricks to prevent people from having control over the operating system and hardware they paid for.

Why in the ever-loving fracking #$% does it take 1-3 days to send me a download link?  Does it really take all of 3 days to set up all my customized corporate bloatware and back doors in my operating system before you “ship” me a link via email? You think it’s clever to force users to do network installs of their operating system and make it impossible to install from burned media?

I paid for the OS. The credit card was charged. Now “ship” me my link already.

I’ll definitely be ditching your operating system as soon as possible. I’m on the fence about going exclusively to Linux and may even return this new $1500 slave-made paperweight I have here to the store if this operating system upgrade fiasco continues through the weekend.

Hope you’re happy, you’re destroying what was once a decent company. I predict apple will be defunct in 10 years, which is why I want physical install media!  You’re not going to be around long enough to rely on for internet-only reinstalls of my OS if it becomes necessary.


PS. To translate for you, a “customer” is a person who buys your product, without them your company tanks. no matter how much government payoff money you receive, people are still not forced to buy Macs.  Linux will destroy Apple in the next 10 years if you continue trying to turn Macs into TVs with spyware.  But what do you care, your execs will run off with the payoff money, you’ll find new jobs.

Oh well.  It was fun while it lasted.

Apparently Apple didn’t like my rant on the Forums.  I’ll paste this conversation below for posterity. As soon as I used the term “NSA” on their forums my post was auto-deleted as “not constructive”

Hi xxxxx,
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We removed your post Re: Ordering OS 10.7 Physical Media? because it contained rants or complaints that weren’t constructive. We understand wanting to share experiences, but these forums are meant for technical questions that can be answered by the community.
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Apple Support Communities Staff
Ok Fanboi,  If OSX can’t be tampered with, what’s the problem with allowing to install 10.7 from optical media?  Both 10.7 and a dvd drive were standard with this computer. Again, not looking at Windows as an alternative.  These windows vs Mac discussions are wonderful but still, 24 hours after my credit card was billed, my email link to download 10.7 (the OS I already paid for once from an authorized apple dealer), still hasn’t been “shipped” to my inbox to allow me to restore my system to OEM state.  My email must be lost somewhere at the post office… but I didn’t get a tracking number with my “shipment” Woo wooo… everyone drink the kool aid. We’re in magical Apple land now where emails are “shipped” and installing from DVD is bad, everything goes to the NSA err i-cloud I mean and nobody has any privacy.  Don’t talk to me about security, your junk is back-doored. I buy apple to use specific pieces of software and now I must begin treating my apple computers like my windows computers- as the insecure back-doored government bugging devices they are.



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