Procedure for airport security to detect implanted explosives

Posted on March 24th, 2010 Admin

I’m getting pretty annoyed by the hype and fear-mongering about how terrorists are going to blow planes up using explosives implanted in breasts or other body parts.  Lets stop freaking out and think about this rationally for a minute.

A detonator is required to set off explosives.  Liquid 2-part explosives are not powerful enough to be of much use when contained under the skin in separated packs.  They would need to be mixed in a hard pressure vessel to achieve explosive force. A 2-part mix could defnitely cause a fire, but probably wouldn’t bring a plane down.

Detonators must have wires and batteries, which contain metal.  Sensitive metal detectors should pick up even a compact electronic detonator beneath the skin. If metal is detected, then the person should be checked for fresh incisions near that area.  Breast implants can be inserted thru a tube thru the belly button or an incision around the breast.  If metal is detected and there is a recent incision, the person should be subjected to a transmissive x-ray which would show a detonator.

This should be an easy procedure to check for implanted explosives and won’t require any special equipment or breast-fondling by TSA employees.  Ladies won’t be able to wear underwire bras on the plane, but ask yourself what’s it worth to you to avoid being blown out of the sky?

The threat of implanted explosives is real.  A boob-full of RDX could definitely take a plane down. But by following simple, methodical procedures we can prevent it.

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