Snoop Dogg GG News Network Episode 12: Conspiracy Theories

Posted on October 28th, 2011 Admin

Possibly NSFW.

It’s a well known fact now that the US Government ships in planeloads of cocaine. Top crack dealer in South Central LA at the height of the crack explosion in the ’80s, “Freeway” Rick Ross, and many others including former DEA agents and informants have gone public with the US Government’s deep involvement in the drug and arms trade, which continues today. Whether it’s the occasional passenger aircraft stuffed with tons of cocaine having mechanical problem or crashing, which results in police stumbling on the cargo, or US troops guarding opium poppy fields in Afghanistan, the scale of the operations makes them impossible to hide.

I don’t know about bluetooth blowing up anyone’s head (Snoop must crack jokes. Comedy = plausible deniability for his media masters), but the constant exposure to RF radiation is probably not healthy. It’s a good idea to use a speaker as an added margin of safety.


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  1. i think you are super smart and congrads on gg news love you snoop

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