So that’s where conspiracy theories come from

Posted on January 26th, 2012 Admin

Ok we can all go back to sleep now. Scientists have proven once and for all that “conspiracy theorists” are insane.

WTC7 controlled demolition: conspiracy theory

SV40 cancer virus contamination in polio vaccine: conspiracy theory

Aspartame, fluoride, GMOs toxicity? conspiracy theory

FEMA camps and Continuity of Government, Rex 84, DUMBS? Conspiracy theory.

Everything you think, if it didn’t come from the government, is a conspiracy theory.   50 years hard labor for anyone found to be in league with conspiracy theorists.   All hail Big Brother!

I shudder to think how Kent University “scientists” skewed their poll questions and massaged their data to come to these foregone conclusions.  Where is Kent University anyway, North Korea?

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