Swiss Smugglers of A.Q. Khan Nuclear Secrets Worked With CIA

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 Admin

A. Q. Khan was a Pakistani nuclear scientist who was found to be selling nuclear technolgies to Lybia and Iran. While the CIA connection is not substantiated in any official way, it’s common knowledge that Pakistan is a puppet state of western intelligence, so the notion that the CIA had knowledge of this activity is not far-fetched.  But what motivation would they have for increasing nuclear proliferation to “rogue” nations like Iran and Lybia?

When Vice President Dick Cheney and/or his minions outed Valerie Plame, former head of nuclear non-proliferation at the CIA, as an act of revenge against her husband having exposed the Niger yellow cake uranium forgeries (that helped justify the US invasion of Iraq), one had to wonder what their priorities really were.

But a broader view of the CIA’s activities and the New World Order agenda reveals that nuclear terror, whether real or promulgated by them, is exactly the kind of catalyzing crisis they need to implement world government and step up their depopulation agenda.  If a nuke goes off in an american city, they can blame it on any country they want, and unleash the hell that they’ve been saving for so long.

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World Radio Switzerland

For the first time, it’s been officially confirmed that the Swiss brothers Urs and Marco Tinner did work for the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA.

The brothers and their father have been suspected of smuggling nuclear secrets for a group that supplied weapons components to Libya. The documents related to their case have been the subject of dispute – the Americans and some members of the Swiss government have wanted the documents destroyed.

The Tinners and the CIA denied that they were working together but information revealed in a ruling today from the Federal Court confirms that there was a secret collaboration between them.

The case against the Tinners continues.

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