The many uses of fluorides

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Fluorine is the most electronegative of all elements. It is highly reactive due to this strong tendency to accept electrons and form polar bonds with other atoms, creating ions.

Elemental fluorine is acutely toxic, and all the fluorides (molecules containing fluorine plus other elements) have negative charge, and are biologically active and toxic to some extent.

Many industrial and chemical processes rely on fluorides. Here are a few of them.  Anyone else find this unsettling?

Fluorosilicic acid and aluminum fluoride in smelting aluminum
Lithium and sodium fluoride in aluminum manufacturing as flux
Uranium hexafluoride
for production of enriched uranium
Hydrogen fluoride as a catalyst in oil refining
Fluorinated quinolone antibiotics like Cipro
Antidepressant drugs like Prozac (Fluoxetine) and Paxil (Paroxetine)
Sulfuryl fluoride as an agricultural pesticide
Fluorosilicic acid and sodium fluoride in tap water …. “for your teeth”
Sodium or calcium fluoride in toothpaste
Sodium fluoroacetate and Sodium fluoride as a pesticide (often placed around food crops)

So … Sodium fluoroacetate and fluoride will kill bugs and rats, but they’re GOOD FOR YOU.  GET IT?  NOW SHUT UP AND PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH.

There is absolutely no biological need for fluoride in humans.  A human can survive, and will be more healthy with zero fluoride intake.  International (World Health Organization) data shows that tooth decay has declined at similar rates both in countries that do and don’t fluoridate municipal water.  But to be cautious, we should not conclude based on this that fluoride doesn’t reduce tooth decay, because so much of it has bioaccumulated in our environment and food chain that most people are getting high levels from food, so additional fluoride from water puts their intake at dangerous levels.

A reliable source inside Glaxo Smith Kline (pharmaceutical company) recently stated that “They put fluoride in almost everything, even inerts.”  Considering that all fluorides are biologically active to some extent, calling anything with fluorine in it inert is an outright lie.

They have to lie though, because they have to keep giving us our vitamin F.  It’s part of a bigger agenda that you don’t want to know about, so you probably didn’t even make it this far before mind control programming was activated, causing you to recall lines from Dr. Strangelove or something else on TV, become agitated and stop reading.

I left out the citations and I’m not going to get into all the horrible stuff it does to your body, because this is just a quick rant.  If you want some documentation just page thru the fluoride tag.  Therein you’ll find dozens of scientific abstracts and articles.

Bottoms up, slave ;)

See also: “Inerts” used in Pesticides. New Source of Fluoride Exposure.

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polar bond.

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