Tim Osman

Posted on May 14th, 2011 Admin

Discussing Osama Bin Laden is beginning to feel like morbid celebrity gossip.  Unfortunately I overheard someone the other day saying Bin Laden was “just killed” in the raid and was obliged to point out there was no real evidence to support that.

False Flag Terror is a powerful mind trick to get the public behind imperial wars they wouldn’t otherwise support. As long as people are willing to buy into it, we’ll have to continue to poke holes in the illusion or suffer the consequences of our apathy, in the form of masses of deluded, angry people devoting their misguided efforts to the Military Industrial Complex to fight a false enemy.

White house situation room staged PR photo op

They had to take their man Tim Osman out. Out of the freezer that is.

Government, why don’t you please go back to being civil servants and focus on regaining control of the economy from the international bankers, instead of serving this imperial New World Order system that is going to end badly for all involved parties, including yourselves.

But buying into your Bin Laden mythology for a minute… we got him. Now it’s time to pack up our fancy equipment and go home right? Cause we actually may need to deploy some of those troops on the border with Mexico to fend off rocket and machine gun attacks on police by drug cartels and the bought-off Mexican Military.

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