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I’m going out on a limb and making a financial projection.  Sometime in 2014, if this trend continues, an ounce of gold will cost infinity US Dollars. Obviously this inflationary debt-money creation is not sustainable, as we know by looking at recent examples of hyperinflation like Weimar Republic, Argentina, and Zimbabwe.  If people wake up to the scam, there could be a break point prior to 2014, a rush on metals, bank runs, and an attempt by the US Government to confiscate citizens’ gold as they did in the 1930s, so this trend may not hold… but look at the curve:

This nearly perfect curve represents debt feedback in the system, in the form of existing debt requiring more and more debt-money to be created, in order to pay back interest.  How can interest be paid on loans for which the principal was created out of thin air, except if new money is created elsewhere within the system?

The only way to avoid total dollar collapse is for Congress to nationalize the “Federal” “Reserve” cartel which has perpetrated this ponzi scheme on the US taxpayer.   We need to adopt a non-fractional, non-debt based currency, and put our dollars in valuable assets such as land, water and food production, energy independence, gold and silver, self-defense, and other real assets which will be valuable in a metal and barter system.

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