White House announces debt ceiling will be raised, bankers rejoice

Posted on July 31st, 2011 Admin

In a last-minute turn of events, the US Government announced it will increase the debt “ceiling” for the 75th time since 1962.

What makes this time special is that National Debt is now equivalent to GDP (~ $13 Trillion).  A 1:1 ratio may not mean anything other than being a nice even number (like on the odometer of your car) for us to come to our senses and stop this self-destructive debt money creation before it becomes hyperinflation. Problem is, hyperinflation is the only thing the bankers can do now to sustain their ponzi scheme we refer to as the dollar.  Inflation has predictable results, like concentrating wealth in the banks and devaluing everyone’s investments ( ie savings and retirement).  As Ron Paul says, inflation is a hidden tax which affects the poor and middle class most, in our case, paid directly to the international bankers of the Federal Reserve System.  Who wants to be a millionaire?

Raising the debt ceiling this time is just one more step in a long process. They won’t default, they will just keep “printing” money until it becomes so worthless that everyone is forced to dump the dollar and adopt a new currency (Amero, SDR or what have you).  By this time there will be nothing to default on, and holders of dollar debt will have been robbed blind.  This is a manufactured Problem-Reaction-Solution dialectical mind trick marching us toward a world financial system and a perpetual state of financial depression; under a world government of, by, and for the banks.

The sane course of action would be to stop the imperial wars and nationalize the Fed immediately, but corporate interests control our government and the cancer is everywhere.

See you in the forced labor camp.


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    Banksters require frequent vacations.

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