World shocked to learn that UK citizens have to pay license fee to operate a TV set in their own homes

Posted on February 27th, 2013 Admin

A UK citizen was fined £200 for failing to pay a license fee to operate a TV set in his own home, Daily Mail reports.  He claimed that the BBC was aiding terrorosim by covering up for the perpetrators of 9/11.  And of course he’s dead on correct about that. See thoughts on wtc7  – scroll to the bottom for the BBC clip.

While the collapse of WTC7 does indeed prove beyond any doubt that both the BBC and our own hijacked US Government were involved in 9/11, and this guy should be commended for standing up for what’s right, what’s equally disturbing is that UK citizens are supposed to pay a fee to receive television broadcasts in the privacy of their own homes.  The only possible way to enforce such legislation would be to have inspectors intruding on your privacy at random, and in fact that’s exactly what they do, to make sure you’re not watching tv without paying the fee, among other things.

Think about it-  they flood your home with radio frequency radiation, then try to charge you a fee when said radiation induces a signal in your own privately-owned electronic video device.  They should be paying you the fee for irradiating you without your consent!  I guess you don’t really own that TV after all (or yourself, for that matter)

This is why we fought a war in 1776 against your evil suffocating bureaucracy- forcing people to buy your junk.  You can keep all your gun grabbing Piers Morgans, licenses to buy silverware, trash inspecting snitch squads, necrophiliac child molesting Jimmy Savilles etc.

Good day.

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