The Secret of Oz

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The Secret of Oz is a new documentary video from the creator of “The Money Masters.”   Basically one of the main premises of the film is that as long as the government or some other good guy controls the issuance of currency, and it’s issued debt-free, the money system will benefit the public and not just the elite.   I don’t entirely disagree with the idea that a fiat system *could* work for us, but in practice the power to issue currency has repeatedly fallen back into the hands of the bankers.  Even if we allow them to issue something as simple as gold or silver receipts, bankers will inevitably turn it into a fractional reserve system and defraud the depositors, concentrating wealth for themselves. So I’m surprised they are so quick to dismiss gold. 

Rich people do already hold most of the gold, yes.   But they also control the government printing presses, and it’s a lot easier to inflate paper (or numbers in a database) than it is to prevent people from digging more gold out of the ground.  Private companies can will continue to mine gold, somewhere.   Metals markets are international.  For thousands of years, humans have been able to spend a gold coin anywhere in the world.  Metals already are the world currency. Fiat currencies come and go but gold holds intrinsic value.

Now as for the rich hoarding it, I would argue that inflatable, easy-to-manipulate fiat money systems have enabled the bankers to obtain a disproportionate share of real assets, such as metals and property, using their 100:1 fractional reserve leverage and inflationary money creation thru loans. Are you aware that in the ’30s the US government actually confiscated gold in the name of saving everyone from the banker-engineered great depression?

If we went to a metal and barter economy, commerce could be less centralized yet more global. Even gold and silver certificates present the opportunity for fraudsters to create a fractional reserve system which is in essence a ponzi scheme. While metal bullion is not fraud-proof (recall recent tungsten bars plated with gold) it’s significantly more difficult to manipulate on a large scale.

• A big pile of gold doesn’t do you much good unless you spend it into the economy.
• It’s difficult for bankers and governments to maniuplate the worldwide flow of gold out of the ground, due to market competition.
• It can’t be counterfeited with current technology

We don’t actually need a currency “backed” by anything.  All we need are land, food, water, protection, and some metals and other raw materials to trade for goods and services. I want no part of this casino gambling.

The international banking elite control the issuance of currency. They are not going to give up that position without a bloody fight. BUT… gold and silver exist already in the free market. We can dig more of it out of the ground, while bankers, government, and whoever has control over the issuance of currency can “row” the fiat economy with ease. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” One thing corrupt officials can’t do, however is create gold or silver out of thin air. They can flood the market, but they’ll be losing their own wealth in the process. And no, the bankers don’t control all the gold. Actually I believe the Vatican is the single largest owner of gold in the world. Better brush up on your Hail Marys.

Maybe someday we’ll find a way to enforce strict control over a fiat paper currency, and permanently protect ourselves from corrupt hands massaging all the wealth out of the economy by means of inflation and deflation. Until this technology exists, metals are the next best thing.

“It’s not what backs our money, it’s who controls the quantity.” Makes sense.  And the quantity of gold is a lot harder to manipulate than the quantity of fiat paper or zeros in a database.
The new human rights movement

Although I honestly think in the current environment gold and silver are the most fraud-resistant form of money, there is one big problem with it – the environmental cost of mining. We need to find sustainable methods to mine gold that don’t involve cyanide. But when you weigh the downside of living in this banker-take-all system, it becomes apparent which the lesser of 2 evils is.

Thank you for reading, and may your chains rest lightly.

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