CSI mind control programming

Posted on May 27th, 2010 Admin

I’ll tell you who the anti-american traitors are, it’s the actors in this propaganda piece-of-shit TV show.

These hollywood goblins should chug a big glass of fluorosilicic acid if they think it’s so great.  That’s the chemical they’re putting in our water to brain damage and sterilize us.  When you participate in this mind control psyop you’re guilty of giving those little boys osteoscarcoma (bone cancer). skeletal and dental fluorosis, reduced fertility, brain damage, and many other health problems.

This propaganda is disgusting and evil.   CSI actors, if you’re reading this, please just go kill yourselves.  You hurt little kids for money and you do not deserve to live.

And here is more scientific proof than you ever wanted that fluoride is toxic, especially to children.

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